wild rabbit studio: the online version

Wild Rabbit Studio is the online version of a real world studio.  It is where I hope to document my works in progress.

This website is itself a work in progress, and as with many creative works, it may begin as one thing and evolve into another. Who can know?

Still, one must begin.

I see all the blogs about blogging. The ones with posts about how to increase your audience, or your influence, or your fame.

While the idea that one could develop a large following, or Thousands of Friends while sitting in one’s chair seems compelling at first, I realized that I don’t want to reach a large audience: I want to reach the right audience, my audience.

I think my audience will be other makers; people who are interested in the process of making; people who are curious about new techniques and new materials. I expect to write posts about studio things, not personal things.

I don’t want to be famous: I want to be anonymous but helpful.

I want to build something I can share.