Thoughts on building the virtual studio


My studio, has a real world physical nature. It exists and I may wander into it at will, in whatever distracted or random way I want. I have been working in it for some time: I am familiar with its layout, I know the tools. The creative process begins in the space.

By contrast, there is no digital studio until I create it.

Before the first post, or image upload could happen, I had to make an entire series of decisions: what name, which host, which software, which links, etc. While there should be a great deal of creativity possible once the structure is in place, the preliminary steps required research, organization, and an ordered implementation. Not a time for distracted or random meandering. The antithesis of my usual creative process.

That being said, now that the structure is in place, I have spent the time since my first post in the website version of a cinematic shopping montage: trying on different WordPress themes to see how my content looks in them. Putting the widgets at the head or the foot. Dangling a tag cloud off the left or the right side. Trying things on.

I want to wear the theme for a while, and it seems best to get it just right before I head out on my digital adventure.

Call it Purposeful Meandering.

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