Meandering Back

Since my last post, I meandered right off of my website.

I often joke that online research, if one is not rigourosly disciplined, (and so often I am not), evokes Alice in Wonderland: I start out with a planned route and tumble down the Internet Rabbit Hole into a warren of interconnected sites and communities.

Such has been the case so far this year: I set out to do a little research on best practices, and found myself exploring a warren of online communities, forums and maker sites. Tracking my progress would be like following the diagram for an elaborate dance.

dance figure from Thomas Wilson's The Complete System of English Country Dancing
dance figure from Thomas Wilson’s The Complete System of English Country Dancing

 Image from: Library of Congress

I want to provide free tutorials on my site, and in my meanderings I was trying to recognize a format that would work for my site. I did find a format, but it is actually on an external site.

So, my tutorials will be described on the Tutorials page, but the actual projects themselves  will be on an Instructables page.