I am like many makers – I want to go into my studio and make things, not out in the world to sell things.
Consequently, my real world studio space is filled with an ever-changing array of found objects, first versions, fragments and finished work.

Occasionally I will turn away from my current creative obsession and produce a tray or two of earrings or pendents for sale in a local gallery. Since my jewelry is made by hand and one at a time, I have never felt able to sell it online. I just don’t produce the volume of work which would justify setting up a shop for my jewelry.

Instead, I post images of my work  on my Instagram feed @wildrabbitstudio.

Instagram feed @wildrabbitstudio

When I am working on these pieces, I always think I ought to produce more work for the gallery, but I usually dive right back into whatever I am working on without thought of selling it.


Recently, I realized, in a sudden epiphany, that I like it this way. I don’t want to follow the market, or make pieces I think might sell – I want to make what I feel compelled to make. 

I decided that I would keep my real world studio as my own magic space.

 And so, the digital studio … I may not have a lot of finished jewelry ready to sell, but what I do have in abundance is digital imagery and design ideas. In fact, I have so many ideas and images, that I am ready to open

The Wild Rabbit’s Digital Shop

in which I will be offering my images printed on selected products.






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